Jimmi and Cherry have a day off together and Jimmi is taken aback by how excited Cherry gets when he tells her he is picking up a new flash car today.

They are enjoying putting the car through its paces when Jimmi gets called to the police station. Cherry takes Simon for a spin but she starts to feel sick and throws up in the car.

Horrified about what Jimmi will say she takes it to get valeted. When she can still smell the vomit and all attempts by her and Simon to clean it fail, she goes back to the car dealer and uses her feminine charms to convince him to take it back.

Jimmi covers his displeasure when he hears what Cherry has done. Zara isn’t sympathetic when she hears Simon is considering not doing his final exams.

While visiting a sick member of her church in hospital, Mrs Tembe is shocked by the apparent lack of care, but her crusade to help has a life-threatening consequence for a patient.

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