It’s the morning of the funeral and Cherry keeps on seeing visions of Scott. When she is awkwardly approached by Barbara Neilson, Scott’s mother, who asks her about Scott – they both realise they knew very little about him.

Once again Cherry sees Scott who tries to make her realise that he was a good person and she was the one who made him try and change, they could have had the perfect life together.

At the wake, Barbara proposes a toast to Scott ‘her beautiful son’ who ‘lost his way’ but Mrs Linley appears and tells them all that her son was one of Scott’s ‘victims’ – he tried to kick drugs but Scott wouldn’t let him.

Finally, Cherry can see that Scott was two totally different people, the caring boyfriend and the ruthless drug dealer. As she drives home alone she sees Scott standing in the road in front of her, she carries on driving as if she is going to hit him; he disappears.

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