Cherry dreads the day when she realises that she’s working alongside Zara at the Campus Surgery. She tries to keep her head down and stay out of harm’s way, but finds it difficult to remain calm when a sleep-deprived Zara seizes every opportunity to antagonise her.

Zara’s teasing is harmless, but Cherry’s guilty secret becomes too much and she finally cracks, launching into an attack on her. Cherry reveals how even Daniel thinks Zara is a nightmare; always nagging him and when Zara laughs it off, Cherry packs her final punch. She tells Zara how she slept with Daniel in the consulting room!

It’s like a body blow to Zara, but she fronts it out. Cherry immediately feels dreadful and tries to apologise, but Jimmi comes to whisk her away for dinner.

Alone, Zara finally breaks down, absolutely devastated.

Jack starts works as a volunteer at the Citizens Advice Bureau, but he ruffles the feathers of training advisor, Ellie, while fellow volunteer, Nazneen intimidates Jack with her intelligence and seems to get all the good consults.

When Pete comes in for some legal advice, Jack spots an opportunity to do some ‘real’ counselling work and pretends to be an advisor, but soon realises he’s been played for a fool by the man and is reprimanded by Ellie. However, he redeems himself when he convinces a nervous man to get help from CAB.

When Ellie gives Jack and Nazneen their debrief, Nazneen reveals her unsympathetic attitude and states that she’s had enough and won’t be returning. Jack on the other hand is buoyed by his success and having proved himself to Ellie will be back in tomorrow.