Cherry tries to make amends for her adultery by making a fuss of Jimmi, but he questions why she’s being so over the top. She feels even worse when she spots Daniel so at ease with Zara. Jimmi returns from a run to find Cherry in tears. She apologises for being so emotional, telling Jimmi that they’re tears of joy at looking through their wedding album, instead of confronting the truth.

After being mocked for her interest in the Supachef competition, Karen vows to show off her culinary skills by cooking an elaborate meal for Jack. But dinner starts to go awry when Karen is overly ambitious with her menu. Rob and Imogen return to chaos, but Rob saves the day when he produces one of Karen’s simple home-cooked meals. They all persuade Karen that hearty food is the way forward.

Also, Kevin convinces a patient to face the truth or risk both his health and the future of his business.