Heston arrives at The Mill and is met by reporters, led by Bex Ranger. Julia ushers Heston inside, and warns everyone not to speak to the press or their patients. Heston decides to take Mrs Davies off their patient list, which Julia argues against.

At the Campus, Cherry gets a text from a friend telling her that Dr Diana has just moved into her clinic. Cherry goes to investigate and spots Mrs Davies going inside. When she emerges, Cherry accosts Mrs Davies, who reveals she was asked to record Heston by Dr Diana who said it was research.

That afternoon, Julia calls Michelle to her office to ask her if her decision is true? Michelle confirms it is and that she wants to leave at the end of the week, and then tells the others before afternoon surgery starts.

Also, Simon is called to help when a woman finds an asylum seeker hiding in her garden. But they are all unaware of the danger lurking nearby…

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