Cherry warns Simon about Michelle

As Cherry returns to work following her suspension over the jab mix-up, a guilty Julia apologises and Cherry soon realises that Michelle is back at work, too. Michelle is clearly guilt-ridden about both Ruth and Cherry and decides to keep a low profile – but when she tries to apologise to Cherry, she’s frustrated about how ‘nice’ Cherry is. Simon admires Cherry’s ‘Christian’ attitude, but is taken aback when Cherry changes her tune and she tells him that Michelle is not to be trusted.

Meanwhile, Karen encourages a reluctant Rob to spend some quality time with Jack. After some awkward silences in the pub, the conversation turns to politics, and the pair clearly have opposing views. Rob eventually admits he’s proud of Jack – but when Jack reveals he wants to be a defence lawyer, father and son start arguing all over again.

Also, Karen meets an old school friend who is so busy embracing the fact she believes her son is gay, she’s overlooked her own health problems.

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