Cherry’s gossiping annoys Daniel

Cherry is still feeling awful about sleeping with Daniel and cannot concentrate all day – especially during Howard’s data meetings. Even Karen’s chirpiness about Imogen’s excellent results can’t lift her spirits. After Cherry’s revelation, Mandy can’t hide her feelings towards Daniel and he cottons on to the fact that Cherry must have blabbed.

Daniel’s astounded that Cherry couldn’t keep her mouth shut and has a go at her for turning it into an issue. He threatens her and Mandy’s jobs, stating that it would be impossible for them to continue working at The Mill if the news got out, which really scares Cherry. Cherry’s a mess when Mandy finds her and Mandy is forced to cover for her friend with Howard.

Also, Jimmi treats a pensioner who is having doubts about her evidence before a big court case but can he convince her to tell the truth?