Cherry’s in danger!

Unconscious and tied to a chair in her bedroom, Cherry wakes as Harcourt enters. He says he won’t hurt her and asks where Eva is… Cherry is confused, Eva’s dead! When Jimmi gets home 30 minutes later, he’s hit from behind and wakes to find his hands tied… and Harcourt. Jimmi insists Eva’s dead, but Harcourt drags him upstairs to see Cherry.

As Jimmi suffers a panic attack, Cherry says she didn’t realise he was there when Eva was shot dead. But as Harcourt pulls out his gun and aims at Cherry’s foot, Jimmi cracks and confesses: Eva is alive!

When Harcourt realises Jimmi doesn’t know where Eva is, he trashes the kitchen. Upstairs, Jimmi wants them to escape – but Cherry’s focused on Jimmi and his lies. Jimmi admits he found out Eva was alive after the shooting.

Cherry says he’s been using her as a decoy girlfriend, waiting for Eva to return. Jimmi insists that’s not true, but Cherry won’t let it drop, saying she thought he was honest. Jimmi then admits that Julia knew too!

Cherry loosens her bindings and when Harcourt returns, she knocks him out with a lamp. Cherry releases Jimmi’s bindings and calls the police. As the police remove Harcourt and take statements, Cherry realises Rob also knew about Eva!

Jimmi tries talking to her again, but Cherry takes off her engagement ring and puts it on the table. She’ll move out tomorrow but needs to pack, so tells him to go to Daniel and Zara’s. As Jimmi reluctantly leaves, Cherry cries.