Cherry’s in meltdown!

Cherry is in meltdown after a series of things go wrong; she’s put on weight, they have the wrong wedding scent, the main course has to be changed and, worst of all, Imogen has bright green hair!

Jimmi calms her down, reassuring her it’s the marriage he wants, not the wedding. Zara’s also a woman on the edge when she rips a dress and her feet swell. Daniel convinces her to don a maternity dress and a pair of slippers!

Meanwhile, Heston and Marina have to work together and Elaine is convinced there’s still a spark between them. She suggests Heston try to woo Marina back but, at the end of the day, the two of them go to their separate homes to listen to the same concert, alone.

Also, when Jack takes extra work in a bar, he finds himself embroiled in some complicated role playing…