Cherry’s jealous of Lauren

Karen calls Imogen before she starts her first day at The Mill and warns her not to let her down. Lauren eases her into the day and the two get on well. But soon enough, Lauren’s loading her with more and more work while Kevin takes her to lunch.

Meanwhile, Cherry gives Jimmi a hard time for checking Lauren out. She brings up Eva and presumes that, if she was still alive, Jimmi would be with her. Jimmi says she’s being stupid, making her more angry. When Cherry calms down he assures her it’s her he wants, but he can’t spend his life reassuring her.

Cherry’s mind is at ease until the end of the day when Lauren says goodbye and Jimmi’s tongue hits the ground! Cherry walks off – and Jimmi feels he can’t do anything right.

Also, Freya has to brush up on her Shakespeare in order to help a twitchy, itchy, Richard III get to the bottom of his condition.