Cherry’s reeling from the night before…

Cherry is devastated to have woken up next to a half-naked Daniel. She’s mortified that she can’t remember what happened the night before and Daniel’s giving nothing away. As she’s leaving the house, Cherry bumps into Jimmi, who assumes her presence there is innocent until he sees Daniel looking smug.

At The Mill, Cherry tries to keep her head low as the gossip begins. When Cherry confides in Simon that she has no memory of what happened, he urges her to ask Daniel. Later, Cherry approaches Daniel, who’s about to tell her what did or didn’t happen – until he sees her repulsion at the idea of sleeping with him, and decides to give nothing away.

It’s Michelle’s first day at Housman and she puts on a brave face. Michelle calls Ruth saying it’s much harder than she thought, and Ruth cheers her up with gossip from last night’s party. Later, Michelle meets Chris Dunford, who wants to know if he’ll walk again. Michelle’s initially spooked, but when Chris laughs at her stories, she’s pleased she’s made a connection.

And, when a nosey housewife accuses her neighbour of running an unlicensed nursery for children of illegal immigrants Zara discovers that the truth is far more bizarre!

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