Zara plays the good wife with Daniel, but it’s clear she’s still processing the news about him and Cherry. She can’t help stir things with Cherry, especially when she sees Jimmi present his wife with flowers. Jimmi overhears Zara laying into Cherry and tries to stand up to her, but Cherry leads Jimmi away before any damage can be done.

Later, Cherry begs Zara not to say anything, but it falls on deaf ears as Zara asks to speak to Jimmi alone. When it comes to the crunch Zara can’t tell Jimmi and Cherry thanks her for keeping quiet.

It’s chaos at the Mill as candidates arrive en masse for interview. Howard and Heston have a tough time differentiating between the many candidates, but Howard is taken with one of the candidates, Jas, whose honest answers are refreshing and after some deliberation with Heston, they offer Jas the job. But will she be happy when she discovers the job is part-time?

Elderly lady Doris is distraught when her husband Walter has an accident. Elaine quite diplomatically points out that Walter is in fact a tortoise and she’s not equipped to treat him, but Dorit is well aware of this – she explains that when her husband died, he promised her he’d return in some form and she’s sure this is him.

Elaine decides to take him to the pet shop, where the owner reveals his own connection to the tortoise. Suddenly Walter goes missing. Will they find him?