Mercedes is jealous of Carmel and Calvin and does her best to seduce Malachy. It’s obvious what she’s doing, so Malachy makes his excuses and heads to The Dog. While Mercedes makes another pass at Calvin, Malachy drowns his sorrows with Cheryl. When Mercedes is knocked back, she tells Carmel that she’s making a mistake marrying Calvin. Meanwhile, Cheryl has turned out to be more than just a shoulder to cry on for Malachy.

Zak’s determined to make things right with Michaela and she agrees to go for a drink with him. They spot an advert in The Chester Herald for a journalism intern and Zak encourages Michaela to apply. When she is refused an interview Zak tells her not to back down and so she goes along anyway. Michaela manages to get an interview but she has to contend with senior journalist, Meriel.

Theresa mopes around Relish after her break up with Kyle. Anita watches as Theresa and Rae bond and offers to take them all to a festival. Anita has gone up in Rae’s estimation and they spend the afternoon drinking outside The Dog. Just as Anita has managed to gain some respect from Rae, she throws up all over her feet.

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