Lloyd tries to make amends and has offered to drive Chris to his first radiotherapy session (plus he doesn’t want Cheryl spending time with him!) Arriving back on the street Lloyd admits he does feel sorry for Chris, who is clearly struggling to cope alone. But when Cheryl asks if Chris can move in with them Lloyd is floored.

As Stella’s forced to accept there may never be reconciliation between her and Leanne, Eva’s pleased she’s got her way. But when Karl asks Leanne to keep out of Stella’s way from now on, Leanne is confused.

Brian and Julie have date night take two. But panicking that her nerves will ruin another date with him, Julie decides on a few drinks to steady herself.

Also, desperate for her salon not to be run into the ground Audrey enrols David on an intensive business course and insists Kylie sticks to nails.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Cheryl’s angry with Lloyd after his refusal to let Chris move in and when he walks in on them breaking the news about his illness to Russ, Lloyd feels guilty. He has a change of heart and welcomes Chris into his home.

As Stella and Leanne share a drink Eva broods, warning Leanne to stay out of her way. The mood is further soured when Carla and Frank arrive at the pub. Feeling the tension Carla leaves, but Frank wants to know their history. As Carla admits her past feelings for Peter, Frank is disappointed.

Julie’s already tipsy as she and Brian arrive at the Bistro. Losing her inhibitions she starts to get saucy and let’s the booze do the talking. But as the drink takes hold she is in danger of blowing her chances with Brian again.

Also, Gail‘s horrified to hear that David’s business course is residential, meaning she’s going to be left with Kylie for two weeks. Kylie is equally unhappy.