Cheryl finds herself resigning from Mobs, before Steph sacks her. Later, in the Dog, Steph approaches Cheryl and admitting they were both in the wrong, they agree never to mention ‘Gilly’ again. However, Cheryl suggests Steph should give Gilly a call, but Steph hears a recorded message that the call can’t be connected.

Sasha’s annoyed to find she’s working in the Loft and insists she’s going to have a party instead. Even though Dave’s not invited, he and Josh head off for some fun. Meeting up with Dave and Josh, Sasha’s soon caught up in their dares, and as individual targets are set, the madness begins. Jake’s angry when Sasha puts him down in front of Loretta.

Jake’s eye is caught by Sasha dancing on a table, but Lauren’s arrival soon catches everyone’s attention. Sasha lambasts Jake for allowing Lauren in, and furious, he blames her for distracting him. Storming off. Sasha finds herself alone in the village. Suddenly, she’s dragged from behind into the alleyway.

Also, Amy collects some belongings from the Barnes’ flat, and is caught up in memories of her life with her family. Ste tries his best to comfort her and she decides her place is at home with her family.