Cheryl collapses!

Rhys makes a bet with Cheryl that she can’t stick to healthy eating and taking the diet pills. However, a defiant Cheryl is trying her hardest despite her fast food cravings. Later, alone in the club, Cheryl’s craving takes hold and when she notices Rhys’s chocolate biscuits hidden on a high shelf she makes haste.

As she climbs to reach the biscuits, she becomes drowsy and her vision blurs, losing her balance she crashes to the floor. Cheryl lies unconscious and alone in Chez Chez surrounded by chocolate biscuits… Is this the result of not eating or Silas’s pill swap?

Also, Liberty turns the lads pad into a pink palace much to Noah and Doug’s annoyance! And Duncan regretfully leaves Ricky in charge of Mobs.

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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