Cheryl’s devastated when she finds out that Seamus overheard Nate on the phone to someone else telling them he loves them and decides to find out the truth. Along with super sleuths Leanne and Doug, they follow Nate. He leads them to a mystery house and Cheryl decides to confront her love rival, who turns out to be Nate’s mother…

Brendan is released and determined to find out what Kevin’s up to, but Ste gets there first and Kevin plants the seed of doubt in Ste’s mind. Later, Kevin accidentally tells Walker about Maxine’s discovery and there’s only one thing for it – Maxine has to die. Meanwhile, Brendan decides to escape to Ireland for a while and wonders whether this could be the end of the road for him and Ste.

Doug tries to kiss John Paul, which he rebuffs – it seems he’s far from getting over Craig!

Also, Dodger feels suffocated by Theresa when she invites herself along for a drink with him and Patrick. He decides to let her down gently – after all, she’s no Texas.