When Cheryl calls at the cab office explaining she needs some furniture Steve suggests she lessens the pain for Lloyd by taking it while he’s out. But when Lloyd arrives home to find Cheryl and Chris helping themselves he accuses them of robbing him. As he loses his temper smashing up their stuff Cheryl begs him to stop, but Lloyd drags the sofa onto the street before torching it. Chris tries to stop him, but Lloyd then turns on Chris pushing him to the floor, where he hits his head and lies unconscious.

Michelle’s parents have sent her the deposit for a posh wedding venue. She hands Ciaran the cash, asking him to secure the venue while she’s at work. But when he gets caught up at the Bistro he misses the deadline. Lying to Michelle, Ciaran decides he’ll sort it tomorrow after a game of poker with the lads.

When Ches tells Sally that Fiz is planning to leave town because of the abuse she’s giving her, Sophie defends Fiz. When Rosie then sides with Sophie, explaining that while John held her hostage he insisted Fiz wasn’t involved in his crimes.

Also, Nick’s having troubles with his wine supplier, but he’s impressed when Eva offers a new contact.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Cheryl rails at Lloyd for attacking a man with a brain tumour she insists on taking Chris to hospital. But when Cheryl asks the doctor if the fall has affected Chris’s brain tumour the doctor’s thrown – his brain scan was clear, the tumour receded weeks ago. With her doubts mounting, Cheryl confronts Chris. She’s horrified as Chris is forced to confess to his lie and tells him she never wants to see him again. Alone with Lloyd, Cheryl apologises for hurting him and begs Lloyd to give her another chance.

As the lads play poker Ciaran’s luck is in. Getting the taste he raises the stakes and soon it’s just him and Karl. The others are stunned as Karl throws his car keys on the table and Ciaran puts down the wedding cash. As Peter urges Ciaran to walk away he refuses and gambles his wedding deposit…

As Eva continues to impress Nick at the Bistro it’s clear there’s a spark between them. As they share an after hours drink they bond over their recent disastrous relationships.

Also, as Fiz comes to a decision about her future she and Kirk meet with Ches to scatter Schmeichel’s ashes.