Cheryl decides that she wants a souvenir prop after Steph’s film wraps and gets up a ladder to retrieve one. Meanwhile, Rhys confides to Steph about his feelings for Jacqui and Cheryl loses her footing and falls on top of Jamil in a heap.

Gabby and Amber return home with Phil. Later, Phil gets up for a glass of water and is surprised to see Amber, who asks him about his other family. He’s evasive and blackmails her into not telling Gabby. Amber agrees, but Phil must promise to come back to them. Soon after, Taylor and Gabby have a heart to heart, and he wrestles with the truth.

Amy finds Lee hiding out behind the bar as the reality of Steph’s prognosis hits and comforts him, only for Leanne to stumble across them. Chaos ensues, as Lee tries to explain that his relationship with Amy is purely professional. Later, Lee turns up on Amy’s doorstep and it’s not long before he and Amy are locked in an embrace.

Also; Jasmine’s awkward when Rae suggests they give her a make over. Later, Anita pleads with Jasmine to decide who she wants to be and Jasmine knows she has a choice to make.

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