Cheryl is falling for Chris again!

When a guilty Cheryl tells Chris she’s not sure what she wants any more he tests her feelings for him and arranges to move into Jason’s flat. Coming home to this Lloyd can’t hide his relief, but Cheryl’s head is left in a mess. It seems Chris’s plan has worked.

Fiz awaits sentencing for the murder of Colin Fishwick. She’s in turmoil over John, but as she heads to court she clings to hope that John’s confession will have changed things. Her optimism is buoyed by Chesney, as the police have called at the house and found the murder weapons, the hammer and handbag, which John described. In court her barrister makes her case regarding the new evidence and argues it renders Fiz’s conviction unsafe.

When a big client cancels a meeting with Carla, as he’s been offered better terms by Frank, she’s desperate to renegotiate. The client agrees to see her, but Carla isn’t sure she’s up to it.

Also, Rosie’s shaken by her ordeal with John, but pleased when Jeff secures her an interview with the Gazette; Julie and Brian move into the butcher’s flat.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is stunned by her latest change in circumstance and is forced to make plans for the future. Back at the pub the residents have mixed feelings to the news and a row breaks out with the Websters right at the heart of it.

Carla plays Frank at his own game and getting straight down to business Carla betters Frank’s offer and gets the client to sign the contract on the spot. Frank is furious at her small victory.

Cheryl risks losing Chris. When an upset Russ reveals to Cheryl that Chris told him he and Cheryl were getting back together she races out to confront Chris. As she lays into him he claims he moved out as he can’t bear seeing her with Lloyd – he loves her too much. The wind taken from her sails, Cheryl admits she’s falling back in love with Chris, but can’t bring herself to break Lloyd’s heart.

Also, Julie’s desperate to start a family with Brian and he’s only too happy to oblige, but there’s something he’s keeping from her.