Cheryl leaves the Valentines’

Cheryl packs her things and leaves the Valentines’. Their sense of hopelessness manages to bring Sasha and Lauren closer, they need to be there for each other. They want their dad back and realise they need Carmel to make it work. Cheryl feels put out when she realises Carmel means more to the Valentines than she ever did.

Suzanne worries Cindy could let slip to Neville and matters are made worse when Jake sees them together. She heads home only to find Rhys has told Neville everything and he’s booting her out. Suzanne assumes it was a jealous Cindy who landed her in it, and has to go and stay with Darren and Cindy while she gets herself together.

Dave’s sick after an all-night bender. When Suzanne asks if it’s food poisoning, Dave gets an idea. He finds an expensive receipt for a meal last night and demands compensation from Gnosh. Tony sets Dave a challenge – identify the wine he ordered last night in a taste test and he’ll refund the meal. Dave fails, and Ste revels in telling Dave he’s been barred from every eatery in 20 miles.

Also; Jakes is stunned when a face from the past suddenly turns up… in his bed.

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