Calvin asks Mercedes for help in convincing Carmel to move back in with him but she refuses. At the Valentines, Carmel waits for Calvin and feeling slightly threatened by Cheryl, she announces she’s moving back in. Resorting to desperate measures to protect her position in the house, Cheryl lets slip about her kiss with Calvin and Carmel flees the house.

Hannah wakes in the arms of Jamie while he hides his unease about Blue, but another text from him accelerates his panic. He persuades Hannah to follow their dream, suggesting they leave – tomorrow! At The Dog, Rhys tries to explain the dangers of Jamie to his parents, but they’re interrupted by Josh.

The Ashworths decide to throw an impromptu leaving party at The Dog. Hannah’s overwhelmed and doesn’t notice Rhys sneaking from the party. Receiving another call from Blue Jamie heads off to start packing. Checking his bag for the money, Jamie’s devastated to discover Rhys with it.

Also, Theresa’s unhappy that the Valentine’s Ball is a 70s themed event while Lauren and Gaz make fun of Anita’s dress and music taste. Theresa steps in and brings Calvin into the conversation, leaving Lauren panicking that her relationship with Gaz is about to be discovered.