Mercedes turns up for an interview at Chez Chez and thinks because she worked The Loft, she’s guaranteed a job. Cheryl tells her that’s not the case, the entire interview was designed to toy with her. Rhys and Jacqui are hired.

Rhys wants to do Duncan a favour and asks Jack if he’d put a roof over his head. It turns out Darren really does care about the kid, maybe because he knows what it’s like to be apart from his family. Jack realises Darren’s talking from the heart and suggests he moves in too.

Lauren visits Gaz in prison to tell him she’s leaving. Meanwhile, Val and Leo have realised Lauren’s told them both she’s leaving with them. After her visit with Gaz, Lauren finds the strength to tell Leo she’s going to live with Val.

Also; Bart brags to Jasmine about how easily he’d win over Heidi, only to find she’s been listening in the whole time. But when Heidi brings up the boxer shorts, Bart has no idea what she’s on about. Carl tells Mitzeee he doesn’t want her hanging around his kids, so she suggests Carl’s kids aren’t perfect. A furious Carl confronts Heidi and Jasmine about Bart.

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