Cheryl v Cindy… It’s war!

Cheryl holds The Chez Chez Games at the club in the hope of gaining some extra revenue. Brendan is roped into being her team member, whilst Dodger and Cindy partner up. Cheryl and Cindy pit their teams against each other, but Cindy mostly uses the opportunity to get to know Dodger better!

Jacqui, Mercedes and Carl come head to head as they each decide to take matters into their own hands in a bid to protect Riley. Carl offers a glum Rhys a job at the dog and a large advance on his wages. Jacqui can’t believe Carl’s scheming but stops at telling Rhys the truth and instead heads round to confront Carl.

When Riley arrives home from a brilliant football match he’s confused by the panicked voicemails he’s received from them all and demands they tell him what’s going on. Mercedes and Carl can’t bring themselves to tell him the truth. After a moments thought, Jacqui quickly covers and lies that they all rang because Mercedes had a scare with the baby and they wanted to reach him.

Also; Myra and Theresa discover Carmel hasn’t been entirely honest and decide to make her repent.

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