Gilly calls round to the Valentines’ to call the engagement off but he can’t go through with it when Cheryl tells him how happy he’s made her. His plan then completely backfires when she announces she’s moving in with him…

Anita’s feeling down without her friends and enjoys some time out with her sister but she’s not happy when Elliot interrupts and Leila turns her attentions to him. Leila tells him she’s got an interview tomorrow with the artist, Jack Welsh, but she’s not ready for it.

Elliot gives Sheila the brush off to help Leila prepare but Sheila’s fuming and ends their relationship. Meanwhile, a fed up Anita posts a house party invitation on the internet, but starts to panic when she realises just how many people she’s invited.

Nancy returns from Canada and visits Zoe in hospital. The girls go to see Hannah but they’re horrified to see her looking so ill. Nancy’s left with the weight of the world on her shoulders as she realises Hannah’s in complete denial over her illness, while Zoe admits she’s terrified of leaving hospital.

Also; Amy’s struggling to bond with the kids so Michaela offers her a part time job in Evissa.

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