Cheryl wins the jackpot!

Cheryl sees Steph out promoting her gig. She offers her support, but then realise she’s lost her bag. Meanwhile, Steph prepares to take the stage. She’s all set to break into song when Gilly trips and nearly brings the stage down. Cheryl comes to Steph’s aid, and she’s encouraged to give the gig a second go. The gig is a huge hit with the punters and Cheryl’s reunited with her bag, and her winning scratchcard for 250,000 pounds.

Josh is released from prison early and Neville fills him in on the affair. Josh calls in on Rhys and Rhys tries to bury the hatchet by giving Josh a place in his band. When Suzanne turns up to see him, Josh turns on her. She’s shocked when her own son pushes her away.

Loretta’s spying on Jake and deliberately runs in to him at The Dog. He tells her to stay away, but when Rhys walks in, Loretta quickly turns things around so it looks like Jake is the crazy obsessive, not her.

Also; Nancy feels unattractive and Elliot gets wind of the ‘Who’s the Hotty?’ competition, so enters her; Charlotte enjoys a sense of power as she pits India and Jem against each other for a job at the SU Bar.

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