Chesney barges his way into Faye’s party and confronts Katy, telling her there’s no way she’s taking Joseph abroad. Katy and Linda try to persuade Chesney that a new life in Portugal is the best thing for Joseph. Talking to Owen, Chesney’s adamant that Katy’s only thinking what’s best for her, not for Joseph.

Andy explains how Gavin was drink-driving, crashed the car and killed himself. Gail’s horrified while Andy’s consumed with grief for his old mate. Meanwhile, Michael breaks the news to Gail, Andy and Steph that his operation was unsuccessful and he needs a transplant. Gail tells Andy that for the sake of Michael’s health, he must always remain as Gavin, Michael’s son.

As Sean lays into Emily, calling her a homophobe, Billy arrives. Emily’s shocked and assures Sean she is neither, but just a traditionalist when it comes to her faith, leaving Sean to apologise.

Zeedan thaws towards Simon. Eileen gets cold feet and decides to get to know her date over the phone before they meet. When David opens a letter from his solicitor suggesting mediation with Callum, he’s worried he’ll lose Max for good.