Chesney finds a bomb!

*First episode, 7.30pm*

Chesney gets hold of Kirk’s metal detector and gets a strong signal from Ashley and Claire’s back garden. Eileen, who’s babysitting there, is none too pleased to find him digging up the lawn, especially when he’s joined by Kirk and Tyrone. The trio find a large metal object, which Eileen is horrified to realise is an unexploded WWII bomb! She calls the authorities and police evacuate the whole Street while a bomb disposal unit set to work. Liz is panic-stricken when she can’t find Vernon.

Jamie gives Sean the keys to No 7 so he can have a private chat with Sonny to end their affair. But when Sonny arrives, Sean can’t resist his charms and they end up in bed. When Sonny spots the bomb disposal soldiers in the Street, he says that as they can’t go anywhere, they might as well stay and enjoy themselves a bit longer.

David turns up at Tracy’s so she can fulfil her side of their bargain. Panicked, Tracy agrees to sleep with him, but only after the trial. She’s grateful when they’re interrupted by a knock on the door from the bomb disposal squad.

Also, Eileen’s pleased when Jason offers her some money for little Holly.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sonny persuades Sean to carry on their affair, promising no one will get hurt as long as they keep their trysts secret. Sean feels guity when he sneaks out of the back door of No 7 and runs straight into Michelle and Jamie. Later in the Rovers he faces a barrage of questions about where he was during the bomb scare and he lies that he was shopping, but Jamie’s not convinced and wants to know exactly what went on in his house. Sonny adds to Sean’s discomfort by mischievously joining in the interrogation, while Steve revels in his knowledge about their affair.

Jason arrives back from a shopping spree in town, laden with presents for Holly and Beth. He’s amazed to find out about the bomb and that there’s a huge hole in the Peacocks’ garden.

Tyrone decides to bin the metal detector after all the trouble it’s caused, but Kirk reminds him that it’s a good job they found the bomb in Claire’s garden as it could have gone off at any time.

Also, Paul congratulates Carla on finding cheap labour by using the girls from Becky’s hostel; and Tracy’s so freaked out by David’s demands that she confides in Steve.