Chesney is set up with Sinead (VIDEO)

Chesney is trying to move on from Katy so Beth and Kirk invite him out for a drink along with Beth’s niece, Sinead. Chesney’s reluctant, but Beth has high hopes that Sinead and Chesney will become an item.

Anna’s beside herself, worried she could lose Faye altogether. But when Faye is formally interviewed, she breaks down admitting it was all lies and Anna has never hit her. The social worker calls at No 6 and tells Anna that Faye made the whole thing up hoping she could go and live with her dad. As a sheepish Faye arrives home, Anna wonders if it’s time she admitted defeat and let Faye go.

Having seen Dev’s advert for a nanny, Mary applies for the job. Dev’s not convinced but agrees to interview her.

Also, Gary insists on running Tina to the shops, even though it makes him late for work as a result; Eileen’s dreams of a relaxing holiday are shattered when Julie insists they book every excursion available.