Claire pops over to see Chesney armed with some home-made food and she is horrified to see the squalor that he and Kirk are living in. Claire notices that Chesney has burnt his arm trying to do the ironing and she tells Kirk that it’s not a fit environment for a child and Chesney needs proper care. Kirk insists that he and Chesney are fine, but after a chastened Kirk pops out to get some cleaning products, a social worker turns up at the house and questions Chesney about his situation. Kirk is horrified when he returns home and discovers that Chesney has been taken into care, and Schmeichel removed by the RSPCA! David is suspicious when Gail and Audrey are nice to him and he is sure that something is going on. David spies Gail and Tina having a quiet chat in the kitchen and he creeps closer to try to hear what they are saying. But will he discover their secret? Also, Kelly steals some reject underwear from the factory; Tony plans to invest in the new flats being built next to Roy’s Rolls, while Liam jokes with Tony about letting him buy him out at the factory. *Second episode, 8.30pm* Tina panics about having a termination and confesses her worries to Gail. The women hurriedly change the conversation when David walks in and he is suspicious that they are up to something. Later, David gives Tina tickets for a gig the following night and Tina is forced to accept them, although she realises that she will have to stand up David as she will be recovering from the termination. Kirk is devastated that Chesney has been taken away and Roy takes control of the situation, while Maria comforts him. Kirk tells Maria that he will never forgive himself if Chesney isn’t allowed to return home. Meanwhile, Claire is wracked with guilt about Chesney being taken away and admits to Ashley that she phoned social services, but never expected things to go so far. Michelle is pleased to have Ryan home, but she’s unsettled when she discovers him looking at letters and photos that were sent to him by Nick. Liam has a word with Ryan and encourages him to confess that he’d like to see his biological dad. Liam advises Ryan to follow his heart and not let concerns about Michelle and the family get in the way. Also, Liam discovers that someone has been stealing from the factory.