Chesney punches Ryan!

Gary struggles with Katy’s secret and Izzy’s stunned when he reveals he suspects Katy and Ryan of having an affair. Izzy orders him to do nothing while she speaks to Katy. But Gary can’t contain himself and picks a fight with Ryan in the street. Witnessing the scene a confused Chesney suddenly realises what’s been going on between Ryan and Katy!

Karl’s plan to damage not just the pub’s electrics, but Stella and Jason’s relationship backfires when Stella announces that Jason’s giving up the building trade to work behind the bar with her.

Dev offers Sunita a fresh start when he suggests they sell the house and businesses and make a fresh start somewhere nobody knows them. A shocked Sunita agrees to his plan.

Also, Sally’s surprised when she finds Gail packing her bags, she wants to move out and is off flat-hunting. Sally hopes time flies and Gail finds somewhere quickly; when Toni reveals the Full Monty performance is off as all the firemen have food poisoning, Eileen sets about recruiting some local replacements!