Chesney’s return to work ends in tragedy!

Chesney panics when he’s confronted with a crowd of rowdy lads in Coronation Street.

Fiz spots Daniel chatting to Sinead and clocks her putting some sexy underwear in her bag. Fiz confronts Sinead, but when Sinead reveals she’s making an effort for Chesney, Fiz apologises. Meanwhile, Chesney starts back at work only to find himself faced with a rowdy bunch of lads on a stag night. He suffers a panic attack and rushes from the kebab shop…

Aidan excitedly confirms to Eva they now own their flat. But when he opens the post, Aidan wants to know why she failed to mention her first scan.

Joe runs through the details of the security job with Gary. To Gary’s horror, Sarah suggests she might like to join him on his Hamburg trip.

Struggling to remember what she had for her breakfast, Rita masks her worry. Liz reckons Steve needs to sort out his sex life. When Rosie spots Mr Banks with his mistress while window cleaning, she takes pictures on her phone.