Chesney watches Fiz as she searches frantically for her engagement ring, angry that she’s still lying to him about John. Fiz confides in Julie that she’s lost the ring, and she helps her search but with no luck. Meanwhile, Rosie’s washing her sports car when the phone rings, in a moment of madness Chesney leaps in the car and drives off leaving Rosie stunned when she returns.

Jason’s delighted when he receives a letter telling him his loan for the flat deposit has been accepted but Eileen’s concerned they’re getting into too much debt. She offers to lend them some money she inherited from Colin to help them out. David overhears Tina and Jason excitedly discussing their new flat, he’s furious and tells Joe to split them up or he won’t get his pills.

Becky asks Hayley to be Matron of Honour and Roy to give her away at her wedding. They’re delighted and Roy gives her £200 towards the expense. Later, Becky gets more good news when Anna tells her that Eddie will bake her wedding cake for her.

Also, Maria arranges to go and stay with Helen and Barry in Ireland and Tony’s secretly disappointed that she’s going; Lloyd tries to call Liz and is miffed when some bloke answers her phone.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Chesney finally manages to bring Rosie’s car under control and Anna helps him to wipe his fingerprints off the steering wheel, but in the confusion he leaves Fiz’s engagement ring in the car. Kevin finds the car and assumes it was taken by joy-riders. Later Fiz asks Chesney if he knows anything about the car being stolen and he guiltily denies all knowledge.

Tina’s annoyed when Joe retracts his offer to fit a free kitchen for her and he makes things worse when he warns her off Jason saying he’s still got the hots for Becky.

Jason assures Tina that Becky’s history and they decide to call round to see Joe, David listens from the stairs as they tell him that he and Tina are very much in love. Gutted, David taunts Joe with the pills and Joe finally flips throwing David to the floor. Enough is enough and he tells Jason to go to hell.

Also, Steve spots Becky giving Slug £20, and she explains she just feels sorry for him; Tony tries to talk Maria out of her trip to Ireland but her mind is made up.

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