Chesney’s suspicious when Fiz lies that she hasn’t spoken to Tyrone recently. He confides in Katy that he thinks Fiz is having an affair with Tyrone.

Carla shocks Peter by revealing she’s booked them a flight to LA that afternoon. At Underworld Carla tells Michelle and Rob that she’s selling the factory. Carla offers them first refusal, but Rob knows he’ll never raise the money. Michelle softens as Carla explains how unhappy she is, but will Rob makes amends with his sister? Meanwhile, Ken tries to dissuade Peter from leaving.

Stella and Jason are like teenagers after spending the night together. But when Eva arrives at the pub, Stella bundles Jason out of the back door in his boxers. Shivering Jason creeps home and astonishes Eileen and Paul by arriving in only his pants. Later, Karl tackles Stella. At No 11 Stella returns Jason’s clothes as the air crackles with sexual tension.

Also, Craig helps Kirk store his frozen turkeys in the butcher’s shop and Beth’s impressed by their enterprise; Lloyd reports to Steve that all of their drivers are being held up by lollipop men. Steve orders Dennis to call off his sabotage, but Dennis refuses unless Steve withdraws his allegations.