Chesney walks away from Katy! (VIDEO)

Intent on building bridges, Chesney sets off to find Katy. But when he spots her leaving Ryan’s flat, having clearly stayed out all night, he’s gutted. Katy tries again to make peace with Chesney and assures him she didn’t sleep with Ryan, but Chesney refuses to listen insisting they are over.

Leanne arrives in the bookies and to Peter’s horror, marches behind the counter explaining that she’s come to save the business before he runs it into the ground.

Tina’s heartbroken when she loses her dad’s ring, but she’s thrilled when she gets a call from the police to say they’ve caught the guy who burgled her flat and have recovered the stolen goods. Gary offers to run her to the station. As they arrive back Tommy’s annoyed to see them together again, but when Tina explains they didn’t find her dad’s wedding ring Tommy softens and invites her out for lunch.

Also, Anna’s not impressed with Tim’s parenting skills; Mary calls at No 7 and insists on cooking a meal for Dev and the kids. It’s clear she’s becoming a hit with them all.