Sinead enjoys modelling the new underwear range, but while the O’Driscolls are impressed, Chesney remains uneasy. Later, Sinead reveals the photographer has offered her another job – modelling for a catalogue.

Carla summons up the courage to confess all to Nick, but she’s thwarted when he shows her some earrings that Gail has offered to lend her for the wedding. Later, Tracy corners Carla and gives her an ultimatum; persuade Nick to sell his share of the business to Robert or her relationship with Nick is history.

Phelan bids farewell to Jason, handing him the name of a contact and suggesting he gives him a ring. Glad to be rid of Phelan, Anna and Kevin head into town to celebrate. But having been summoned by Jason, Phelan returns where Jason explains that he rang the contact and he’s landed a big new contract! 

When Gail imparts the news that Freshco are planning a new superstore, Norris drafts a protest letter to the Gazette, which Mary encourages him to post without consulting Sally. Sharif and Yasmeen present Alya with a vintage sewing machine for her birthday.