China from Above is an aerial exploration of China’s coastal and Eastern provinces, revealing the lives of people in the world’s most populous cities and rural locations.

With the largest population on Earth, China is an epic country 
of extremes.

This two-part second series looks at some of the massive industrial, natural, traditional and modern structures and events to be seen and found across the country.

First up is the east coast where the longest sea bridge in the world is about to be completed linking southern Guangdong province, China’s main manufacturing hub, with Hong Kong
and Macau.

China from Above

Aerial view of Lujiazui in Shanghai

Stretching 34 miles with a section that becomes a four-mile tunnel to allow huge container ships to pass, 
it’s a $20billion feat of cutting-edge engineering.

More traditional features include a 1,000-year-old tradition of ice fishing, a beautiful kite festival, an amazing tidal bore wave and salt farming on a massive scale.

The documentary concludes tomorrow at 9pm.

TV Times rating: ***