Head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell, makes herself busy trying to help Chlo and Donte resolve their disagreement over the future of their baby. Chlo still wants to give up the baby for adoption so she can go to university. But a determined Donte insists he will keep the baby, even if it means he has to leave Chlo and raise the baby on his own. And when Chlo’s stepfather, teacher Tom Clarkson, interferes, the schoolgirl is left feeling more isolated than ever.

Alone and in tears, Chlo is found by Kim – and just in time. Suddenly, Chlo is in a lot of pain and Kim has her rushed to hospital. The diagnosis isn’t good and Donte and Chlo are given some frightening facts.

Kim, meanwhile, has her worst fears realised… She thought she had shaken off The Home Office and that she and baby Grace didn’t have anything to worry about. But a government official arrives at Waterloo Road and tells head teacher Rachel Mason, and her deputy, Eddie Lawson, that Kim has stolen Grace from the child’s father.

A stunned Rachel is sure there must be some mistake but Kim has little to say in her own defence. The truth about Grace’s past is out and Kim has nowhere to run…