Chloe is a big surprise for John Paul

John Paul gives Danny the cold shoulder after being rejected following their night together. Danny explains that he does want a serious relationship with John Paul, but he’s scared. Meanwhile, Theresa takes Kathleen-Angel and Matthew out for a walk, unaware she’s being followed by Chloe – who’s Chloe? At College Coffee, Chloe conveniently bumps into Theresa and the girls hit it off. Theresa invites her to the McQueens’, but when John Paul returns home from work he’s shocked to see the mother of his child sat on the sofa…  
Sienna is devastated when she overhears Darren referring to her as a ‘fling’ and when he says they need to talk, she presents him with a positive pregnancy test. Sienna is worried that this development has driven a wedge between her and Darren, while Nancy and her husband grow closer.

In an effort to show Ash that Patrick is a good man, Maxine invites her for dinner, but ends up feeling pushed out when Ash and the headmaster bond over a book.
Mercedes is back at the McQueens’ post break-up with Browning.