Chloe’s dad is arrested

CID start the day by watching the video clip of a distressed Chloe Parks which suggests she was abused by her father, Martin. At the Parks’ house, Pc Will Fletcher shows the tape to Chloe’s mum Karen, who storms out when Will quizzes her about Martin and Chloe’s relationship.

Later, Karen arrives at Sun Hill asking to see the tape and reveals some important information about the family’s history. Armed with a stack of evidence and the discovery that Martin lied about not leaving the house the night Chloe disappeared, Martin is arrested on suspicion of murder.

When questioned, Martin admits that Chloe ran out of the house after they had a row about her seeing Ben. Martin claims he went to look for Chloe and, when he couldn’t find her, stopped to buy some alcohol before going home. When CCTV from the off licence confirms Martin’s story, the team release him.

Later, Will and Sergeant Stone find Martin standing on the top of the same building that Chloe jumped from. But as Will tries to persuade Martin to come down, Stone takes over and his tactics take a sinister turn…