John, Dennis and Roo celebrate the imminent approval of the resort development over a few glasses of champagne at Angelo’s. Romeo and Indi take the opportunity to approach Dennis about the future of the Marina contract. According to Dennis, Romeo is a shoo-in, and the following day, Indi secures an internship at his company.

Harvey and Romeo experience a dangerous fuel leak on the boat. Harvey complains to Alf about Romeo’s carelessness and offers to buy the Blaxland. When Liam tells Romeo he saw Harvey at the marina with a can of petrol the night before, Romeo realises he’s been set up and tells Alf.

Leah convinces Miles to stay, but it doesn’t seem like she’s entirely sold on the idea herself. She expresses her concerns to Marilyn. Meanwhile, VJ and Miles have a heart-to-heart and Miles promises to stop fighting with Leah.

But it’s a promise he can’t keep… Later that day, Miles and Leah are at loggerheads again, this time over a bookcase. Miles resolves to move out for good.