Chris spends the day at home with his dad, and becomes concerned when Sam appears unwell. He suspects a urine infection, despite Sam protesting. Chris phones his mum and becomes increasingly angry when Emma refuses to take his concerns seriously. She refuses to come home at lunchtime, but claims she’ll bring a urine test home that evening.

As soon as she gets home, Chris tests Sam’s urine and his fears are confirmed. Emma tells him she’ll get antibiotics immediately, but Chris wants his dad to go to hospital. Emma tells Chris he’s overreacting and the two end up arguing as a distressed Sam overhears, heartbroken he’s the cause of it.

Howard suggests adding Voice Recognition Software to Al’s blood pressure monitor. Al doesn’t take the suggestion seriously and teases Howard and Mrs Tembe for believing he has easily added VRS software to the computers at The Mill. But Jas makes Al see there is logic behind the suggestion.

Also, two old friends find they don’t know how to talk to each other when it’s revealed one of them is keeping a life-changing medical secret.