Emma is distressed that the Christmas decorations she’s had delivered aren’t white but tacky silver and Chris makes a sarky remark about their perfect Christmases, and how it was boring for him as a kid. Emma is upset by this and Chris eventually realises he’s being a brat. He finds the decorations in white and apologises; this year they’ll have the best Christmas ever.

Kevin is in a bad mood due to the information his mum gave him the night before about his dad. He tells Jas how his dad didn’t want to be with his mum because she was white – he was a racist! Jas plays devil’s advocate and suggests he can’t know the pressure his dad was under.

Kevin wants to know how he could do it, so Jas suggests he ask his mum more, she owes him the full story. Kevin loses it; his mother owes him nothing, he owes her everything. Later, Jas gently apologises and suggests he call Nadia, her number is in his bag. Alone, Kevin finds the number and calls it.

Also, Jimmi searches the woods for a seriously ill patient who has left his whole life behind. But will he find him in time?