Chris and Hannah move forward

When Chris tells Irene that Hannah’s upset with him, Irene feels guilty and pays her a visit. When Irene opens up about the adversity she’s faced in her life, Hannah leaves with a more positive outlook on life. She asks Ricky to shoot another topless shoot and document her recovery. Later that evening, Hannah has a heart-to-heart with Chris and the pair decide they want children together.

It’s the morning after the fundraiser and Phoebe can’t get in contact with Ash. Meanwhile, Ash is in his caravan confiding in Billie, that he may have had a one-night stand with a random barmaid. As Billie berates her brother’s actions, Phoebe walks in, but doesn’t hear anything.

Ash’s indiscretion is nearly rumbled by Alf when he discovers pictures of him and the barmaid on the beach. Ash quickly says the barmaid is his cousin. Later, Alf mentions Ash’s cousin to Phoebe leaving her suspicious. So when the Phoebe sees Ash, he confesses he may have cheated on her, leaving her stunned.