Kicking himself for over-reacting, Chris apologises to Hudson for blowing up at him. Hudson admits that he’s having trouble getting balance in his life, and Chris offers friendship. But when Chris finds himself defending Hudson to a righteous Josh, he starts to realise that perhaps his feelings run deeper. Hudson is stoked when Chris admits that there could be a future for them. It seems that this couple is back on track.

Mason has got their car back in perfect working order. But the share arrangement with Imogen is turning out to be a little more tricky. Imogen wants to take the car out after school but Mason has arranged to take Kate out. But when Kate stands up Mason again, he and Imogen decide to take the car out together.

Mason’s afternoon darkens after a clash with Robbo – and his day gets no brighter when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Imogen is stunned, when Mason announces that Robbo must’ve sabotaged the car.

Desperate to drive a wedge between Amber and Robbo, Matt reveals the truth about Robbo’s violent childhood. Amber is thrown – Robbo’s told her that his father died of cancer. Amber confronts Robbo and he reveals the scars he carries from his childhood.