Chris and Kyle don’t know what to do

Chris and Kyle head over to Harold’s to make sure the pictures in the magazine are of Vanessa and their awkward behaviour makes her realise what’s happened. She confronts them and they both apologise, explaining Lucas’s history with a previous girlfriend, Emilia; they’re worried his reaction to the pictures might not be a good one. Vanessa decides the best policy is honesty and comes clean to Lucas, explaining how desperate she was at the time the photos were taken. But Lucas is supportive and buys all the copies in the area to protect her modesty.

Susan’s worried that Rani is not coping with her grief and sees that Ajay seems too preoccupied with the case against Paul to notice. It’s Rani’s first day back in school and she feels everyone is looking at her. Then she’s thrown when Callum suggests an impromptu memorial service for Priya. During his eulogy, Priya breaks down and runs out and when Callum comforts her, she admits she’s not doing as well as she appears.

Susan tries to get Ajay to realise that he’s not making Rani feel that she can open up about her feelings. He’s hurt but tries to get his daughter to confide in him. She pretends to be coping, however, and later that night it’s clear she’s not as she sits alone and talks to her dead mother.