As Lloyd questions Chris about his appointment he’s uncomfortable and Lloyd’s suspicions grow. Paying a visit to Dr Matt he acts concerned, but while Matt’s thrown to hear that Chris is telling people he’s dying he doesn’t give anything away. Chris is fuming when Matt confronts him over his lies and accuses Lloyd of meddling. During a heated exchange Lloyd reveals his suspicions, but when Cheryl walks in on the row Chris drops a bombshell and tells Lloyd of their affair.

When Eileen gets a call at work from Paul, explaining Lesley’s gone missing, she rushes out to help him search. Eileen’s calm as they come up with a list and work through it, eventually finding a confused Lesley. Paul can’t thank Eileen enough, but she may have put her job in jeopardy.

When Katy goes to pay the rent she’s horrified to discover the money is no longer in her purse. Owen and Katy wonder whether Chesney‘s stolen the money.

Also, Gary heads to the cenotaph for Remembrance Day with Quinny’s parents; Kirsty’s unimpressed when she spots Tina walking round Tyrone’s house in only a towel.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Lloyd’s world comes crashing down Cheryl’s fuming with Chris for blurting out news of their affair like this. In the pub Lloyd sadly reflects he’s lost the love of his life, but Steve tells him to fight for her. Back at the house Lloyd lays his heart on the line, telling Cheryl he’s desperate not to lose her and can forgive what’s happened with Chris.

When Paul offers to take Eileen for a drink to thank her for her help, she struggles to resist.

Schmeichel’s op hasn’t worked and Ches is so devastated that Katy can’t bring herself to shout at him. Owen can’t give them any more money and when Ches reveals he wants to try another op she’s stunned as they still haven’t paid the rent. Katy urges Ches to see he has other responsibilities now, but she is unable to get through to him.

Also, when Kirsty forces Tyrone to ask Tina not to walk round the house in a towel she vents to Matt, who’s getting tried of hearing it; as UFO fanatic Brian sets up watch on the Red Rec with Julie, Tommy think they’re nuts.