Chris is on suicide watch as he helps dad Sam until Martha the carer arrives. Chris tells Sam that he knows about his plan to end his life and shares his belief that it was his mum’s idea. But when he starts to talk disrespectfully of Emma, Sam is furious and defends her. Chris refuses to accept the idea but, knowing he can’t talk Sam out of it, makes his dad promise to discuss it fully with him and mum before doing anything. Chris gets to work and tells Emma that she’s the one person who can talk Sam out of it – and if she fails, she’s dead to him too!

Kevin speaks to Howard about developing a Special Interest in Cardiology – it’ll benefit the Practice but they will also need to pay for it. Howard’s distracted by a letter from Wales and tells Kevin he’ll talk to the other Partners. Howard tells Heston that Julia has written to say she’d like to withdraw her money and dissolve the Partnership Agreement. Heston’s rattled at the news but Howard sees the opportunity it brings. He then tells Kevin that the Practice will fund his GPSI accreditation – carpe diem – but we get the feeling he’s not entirely talking about Kevin…

And Karen tries to help a grieving mother who’s struggling to come to terms with her son’s tragic death and determined to expose a conspiracy.