Chris is organising a drink with Will when Georgia catches him. He justifies it by saying Hudson hasn’t called him since their fight a week ago. Georgia rings the prison and learns Hudson has had his phone privileges revoked after getting into a fight. Meanwhile, Chris realises he can’t go through with his date, feeling like it would be betraying Hudson. But just as he’s resigned himself to his solitude, he’s struck down by intense leg pain and collapses in the garden – all alone and with no help in sight…

Amber’s nervous on the last day of her internship, worried she will suffer the brunt of her boss Rick’s temper. But when she comes up with an interesting creative solution during the shoot, an impressed Rick offers her a part-time job. Amber wavers, worried she won’t have the time for that, school and her boyfriend. But Rick tells her she has 48 hours to decide or the job goes to someone else.

Joshua probes Doug about his recent memory lapses. Doug insists he’s fine, but when it’s clear he has already forgotten the previous night’s events, Joshua remains concerned. He goes to Brad with his concerns, but Brad thinks it’s nothing more than an older man being forgetful.

Lauren excitedly prepares the house for Lisa’s arrival. But Terese reaches out to Lauren, finally convincing her this plan won’t do her or Lisa any good. Lauren tells Brad that she’s cancelled Lisa’;s move to Erinsborough and once she feels strong enough, she’ll be back on board searching for their lost biological daughter.