Natasha tells her dad his honesty project is a great idea and is clearly enjoying all the secrets going around the school. When Michael leaves the computer to make them dinner, Tash logs onto Facebook to continue her gossiping. However, when she sees that Michael has been looking at pages designed to support gay and lesbian teenagers, her curiosity hits the roof.

Back in the classroom, Natasha is still guessing which student could be gay and Chris takes the opportunity to quash any rumours by kissing Summer. However, when Summer tells Tash it doesn’t matter if someone is gay, Tash assumes that it’s Summer and quickly starts spreading it around.

Andrew reassures Chris that Summer isn’t gay to which Chris tells him he knows that is isn’t Summer who’s gay. When Andrew realises what Chris is getting at, Chris runs off. Later, in class, school bully Macca continues to make digs at Summer about being gay and Chris decides he’s had enough. Standing up in front of the class he tells them that he is the one with a secret, not Summer.

When Andrew asks Chris how long he’s known he was gay, Chris tells him since Harry left and he and Andrew became friends. When Andrew realises that Chris has feelings for him, he tells him to stay away.

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